Summer After Freshman Year

This summer, as many of my class of 2015 counterparts headed off into industry to start their internships, I have found myself as Miss Molly, a camp counselor up in Michigan. At the beginning of the summer I felt as if I was missing out on all of the valuable experiences my friends were getting working for engineering firms around the country. I felt as if I would find myself behind the curve as my peers were not only strengthening their resumes but learning a great deal about their professional fields. However I get to wake up every morning to Revile and help my 5 year old campers get dressed, teach my campers about getting along with others after conflict , and make 75 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a day just to make them happy. This summer for me is more about growing as a person than a student. I can feel myself getting better in stressful situations, gaining patience for things I cannot control, and getting revitalized to get back to Purdue and learn everything I need to know to pave a future for myself. Kids depend of me all day long to be their everything. I am their stand-in parent, their teacher, their mentor, and their rocking chair on those late nights when they miss their parents.

I am indirectly being better prepared for industry through this job. Work is not about preforming the bare minimum. It’s about rising above and beyond and making a difference, just like we’re doing at camp for the young children. Camp counseling is making me both a more creative person and a more employable one. We are not kids. We are the adults. There are not compliments given to us or books to prepare us, we are the definitive people in charge of making or breaking a kids experience. I hope to get back to school in the fall and land an internship so I can utilize all I’ve gained.

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