Goodbye November – Hello December

It’s hard to believe that – fall semester is almost over!!

Next week is dead week followed by finals.  No one is quite sure why the call it dead week because life is anything other than quiet. This is the time of year when I tell visiting families to please forgive the glazed eyes of our students who seem to be sporting the proverbial dear in they headlight look as they are wrapping up final projects, studying for final exams, and looking forward to the much needed 3 week break.

What am I doing for the long break?
Well normally I would be here at my desk with the holiday music turned up, catching up on paperwork and pre-planning for the spring semester.  This year I’ll be off the entire month of December, kicking it off with a tonsillectomy followed by a family wedding and then Christmas with the family.

I know that normal people have their tonsils out when they are young. Then again, why be normal?  I hear it’s a great excuse to eat lots of ice-cream and pudding.
What are your tips for recovery?

Two weddings in one year.  It’s kind of hard to imagine that two of my nephews are getting married in the same year. Then again these two nephews graduated from Purdue at the same time so getting married in the same year seems appropriate.

My parents will be here in Indiana for Christmas this year and it is rather exciting as they still live in Colorado Springs, CO; in the home where I grew up.  Even though I’ve had a chance to see them several times this past year, there is something special about having them here in my home for the holiday

Well I had better get back to wrapping up the year. I hope that you have had a great 2011 and are looking forward to 2012 with an excitement and expectancy that a new year brings.

Happy holidays!

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