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David Bowker

David Bowker, Director of Office of Future Engineers
David Bowker, Director of Office of Future Engineers

My name is David Bowker and I have been the Director of Undergraduate Engineering Recruitment in July of 2001. I am responsible directing and implementing recruitment activities for the College of Engineering. It is a really great gig. Always fast paced and always something new going on. I would not still be here if I did not believe in the quality of a Purdue Engineering degree and I still have fun every day. I am lucky I get to meet great students like yourself all the time! Prior to being at Purdue, I spent three years as Recruitment Coordinator at Ivy Tech State College-Lafayette and a year advising in the School of Education at Purdue. My bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership and supervision in 1994 and his master’s degree in higher education administration in 1997 from Purdue University. Yes I have spent a lot of time in the Greater Lafayette area. It is home for sure! It Is a really welcoming community and there is plenty of things to do and experience. In my free time, I am teach Spin classes at a local gym, travel, hang with friends/family and attend cool events on campus. I hope to meet you at Purdue soon!

Amy Cade

Three sisters in Ireland (I’m on the right)

Title: Assistant Director, Office of Future Engineers
Hometown – hmmm which year?
Born in Hutchinson, KS
Lived in:
Englewood, CO
Scottsbluff, NE
Sioux City, IA
Grew up in Colorado Springs, CO

Hey everyone, my name is Amy Cade and I’m the Assistant Director of the Office of Future Engineers.

I began working for Purdue University in 2000 in the Student Activities and Organizations office, part of the Dean of Students, while going to school full-time. After graduating with a BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, I left Purdue to pursue a career in the corporate world. It was my experience in the corporate world which helped me realize that I missed being on campus with the faculty, staff and most of all the students, prompting my decision to return to Purdue University to pursue a career helping future students achieve their dreams. One of my goals is to encourage students to do well in Math and Science while in high school so that they have more opportunities when it comes to college and careers.

Since returning to Purdue I received my MS in Industrial Technology while working full-time in my current role, co-directing and implementing recruitment activities for the College of Engineering as well as various outreach and educational events across the U.S.

I hope you enjoy our blog and feel free to comment or ask questions.
Boiler Up!!

Kyle Loux

Kyle Loux, Student Blogger with Danny Hope
Kyle Loux, Student Blogger with Purdue Football Head Coach, Danny Hope

Major: Computer Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Organizations: Purdue Student Engineering Foundation (PSEF), Teaching Assistant CS 159

Hey future Engineers!
My name is Kyle Loux and I am a Junior in Computer Engineering, originally from Cedar Rapids, IA, but now call West Lafayette, Indiana home. I am heavily involved with the Purdue Student Engineering Foundation (PSEF), which is an outreach organization that helps the College of Engineering with a lot of their recruitment events. I am also a Teaching Assistant for CS 159, a computer science course for First-Year-Engineering students. I really enjoy following college football and basketball and rooting for my Boilermakers (and my Hawkeyes!).

I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to work with computers. As a kid, you couldn’t get me away from the computer. I loved everything about them! So after I had a job shadow with a software engineer, I knew that I was going to be a computer engineer! The hard question was ‘Where should I go to school?’

I REALLY wanted to get out of Iowa. I love Iowa so much, but everyone seemed to go to the same 2 schools. I wanted to break that trend and go somewhere different. So I started looking at the top Computer Engineering schools in nation and ultimately came up with the 2 schools that I was looking at, and Purdue was not at the top of that list.

I went to visit my top school, and was super excited! As soon as I got there, I started feeling a little uneasy about things and REALLY didn’t see myself fitting in there; so I was kinda scared. What if this Purdue place stinks too? Where am I going to go? The next week I visited Purdue and IMMEDIATELY fell in love! One of the first things that my parents and I noticed was how incredibly friendly everybody was. Everybody that we interacted with was so nice and seemed to actually care about me. I knew right then and there that I would be a Boilermaker!

I’ve had so many amazing experiences here at Purdue! Hopefully through this blog you guys will be able to see about all of the amazing opportunities that Purdue offers!

Dennis Chu

Dennis Chu, Student Blogger
Dennis Chu, Student Blogger

Major: Aeronautical Engineering
Year: Senior
Hometown: Middletown, NJ
Organizations: Purdue Student Engineering Foundation (PSEF) || AIAA Design, Build, Fly Team (DBF)
EPICS-YWCA Team (3 years)

Hey everyone, my name is Dennis Chu and I’m currently a senior in aeronautical engineering graduating in May 2012. Although it seems like it was just yesterday that I was on campus for the first time walking around with my parents, that was, in reality, almost three-and-a-half years ago.

I had known that I wanted to do aeronautical engineering for a very long time. In 3rd grade, I read a ton of books detailing military aircraft and even had my own notepad filled with airplane design drawings. During my initial school search, Purdue was not actually on my list. However, at the recommendation of a lot of my parents’ co-workers and supervisors, we started to look at Purdue, in addition to the four other schools that I ultimately applied to: Georgia Tech, University of Michigan, University of Maryland, and Rutgers University. By January of 2008, I had received acceptance letters from all but University of Michigan, and at that point, my only two top contenders were between Purdue and Georgia Tech. I visited Georgia Tech in a one-day trip down to Atlanta with my dad, and to Purdue in March 2008 for a recruitment program being put on by PSEF called NEXT. The program gave me a really great perspective about Purdue Engineering and how nice the overall campus environment was. I got a really strong sense of community here at Purdue, from talking to the students and faculty, and also really fell in love with the campus just by walking around. It’s a nice, open campus that isn’t too big, but also isn’t extremely condensed either. It is also fairly flat, and that made me happy because I didn’t want to be sweating by the time I got to class from hiking up hills. NEXT, coupled with my overall experience of being on campus and exploring, really made me very comfortable to choose to come to Purdue, and I still remember to this day that I was sitting in the back corner table in the Purdue Memorial Union Starbucks when I made my decision to come here.

Since coming to Purdue, I have had an absolutely phenomenal experience. I joined the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program on the YWCA team, and was a part of that for 3 years working on a design plan to move two of the YWCA’s departments located in a 100-year-old deteriorating house back into their main facility in an underutilized Aquatic Center floorspace. I also joined the PSEF to also get the opportunity to talk to prospective students about Purdue Engineering. It meant a lot to me that PSEF helped me to make my decision to come to Purdue, and I really wanted to give back and share my story with others about why I felt Purdue is such an excellent engineering school as well.

I am looking forward to being able to share some of my experiences with all of you, and to help provide a window into what life is like here in Purdue Engineering.

Adam Potrzebowski

Adam Potrzebowski, Student Blogger
Adam Potrzebowski, Student Blogger

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Year: Sophomore (But on a five year track)
Hometown: Westville, IN
Organizations: Purdue Student Engineering Foundation, Professional Practice Ambassadors
Work Experience: For this fall semester, I’m working in Houston, TX for General Electric in their Energy division.

Why I Chose Purdue: While there was some family pressure to choose Purdue, with my dad and sister both alumni, I found that of all the schools I looked at, Purdue had everything I was looking for in a school. Purdue had all of the resources of the large state school it is, but felt like a much smaller school when I visited. Throw in the world renowned engineering program, company recruitment and the collegiate sports, I was sold.
Outside of Class: My friends and I play a lot of ultimate and I’ve done intramurals for both ultimate and soccer. I’m also a member of the basketball student section, the Paint Crew and have been known to camp outside of Mackey Arena to get good seats for the games.

Molly Chamberlin

Molly Chamberlin beside the Boilermaker Special
Molly Chamberlin, Student Blogger, stands beside the Boilermaker Special, BOILER UP!

Major: First-Year Engineering (possibly Biological Engineering)
Year: Freshman
Hometown: South Bend, IN

My name is Molly Chamberlin and I am a First Year Engineer looking to go into Biological Engineering. I didn’t always know I wanted to come to Purdue. After my junior year in high school I visited many schools, none of which were Purdue. I’m from South Bend Indiana (around Notre Dame) and the one thing I “knew” for sure was that I wanted to go out of state for college. Every school I visited had something about it that I liked, and as application time rolled around, I was still completely undecided about where I wanted to end up. This was very frustrating for me, because I had been planning college since sixth grade when I picked up my first “college guide.” So I decided to think about where I wanted to end up, then how I wanted to get there.

I’ve always been drawn to math and science, so in high school I took a lot of those classes. I knew I wanted to work with cells and genetics in my future so I tried to find majors that could help me do that. I realized that I had been overlooking Purdue’s engineering program, and not giving it a chance, just because it was close to my hometown. I never visited Purdue; I applied, got in, and signed up for STAR (the freshman scheduling day over the summer). I was so sure that Purdue’s engineering program was exactly what I needed and wanted to succeed that I didn’t hesitate to come here. I wanted an environment that would push my abilities to their full potential and to be around students who felt the same.

Since I’ve been here I have not regretted my decision. There is always something to do; whether it is homework or a student organization. At the beginning of the year I wanted to join the sailing team, Adopt-a-Grandparent, Circle-K, Timmy Health Foundation, Run Club and many other organizations. There is just so much to choose from. In the end I chose to joined PSEF (Purdue’s Student Engineering Foundation) and APO (Alpha Phi Omega), which is a service fraternity. Both of these organizations are like family. Between gaining a mentor in PSEF, go Dennis, and “parents” in APO, there are always upper classmen I can talk to if I need help.

I look forward to sharing more about my experiences here at Purdue later, but until then, Boiler Up!

Kelly Patsavas

Kelly Patsavas
Kelly Patsavas, pointing to Purdue when she made her choice to go here!

Major: Industrial Engineering
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Orland Park, IL
Organization: PSEF, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Institute for Industrial Engineers (IIE), GROUPER Lab

My name is Kelly Patsavas and I am currently a sophomore in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Economics. I didn’t always know I wanted to come to Purdue and coming from a family of mostly Illini, I’m sort of the rebel of the pack going to school here. I visited mostly Big Ten universities in high school because I knew I loved that big school feel (my graduating class was over 1000 people and I loved it!) and when I came to visit Purdue I immediately fell in love. I loved the layout of campus and how truly friendly everyone is: it’s that infamous Hoosier Hospitality that the people of Indiana employ and you can really feel that here. I applied my senior year of high school to Purdue, University of Illinois (of course) and a couple of Ivy League schools just for kicks and got accepted to Purdue and U of I. My decision was difficult, because of the strong family ties I have to U of I, but I re-visited both schools and Purdue just gave me that sense of community. And being the indecisive person I am, I loved that Purdue allowed me to wait to decide my engineering discipline until my second year. I came for that last visit to Purdue and walking through the Union, eating piles upon piles of pasta at Windsor Dining Court, and touring through campus sealed the deal. I was going to be a Boilermaker.

Once I was here, I decided that I wanted to be a Biomedical Engineer. I loved math and science in high school and Chemistry was my favorite class. But, once I took a college chemistry course, I never wanted to take another chemistry class again. Then I found Industrial Engineering, and that feeling I had in high school of “why does everyone know what they want to do in life but me” drifted away. I went to different information sessions put on by the school of Industrial Engineering and different companies that recruited IE’s and I loved what they were talking about. Supply chain management in logistics is what really excited me: working with different distributors for a large corporation making the transportation from plant to store more efficient and learning what consumers wanted and why.

Now that I’m a sophomore and I’m taking IE courses, I love what I’m learning and the opportunities Purdue has granted me. I hope that you all enjoy my blog posts about my first internship this summer with P&G and all of my Boilermaker experiences!

Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox

Major: Materials Engineering
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lowell, IN
Organization: Purdue Student Engineering Foundation (PSEF), EPICS, Society for Women Engineers (SWE)Hello future engineers, my name is Jessica Fox and I am about to start my junior year in Materials Engineering this fall. I am from a small town in Northwest Indiana called Lowell (about an hour from Chicago). Along with the organizations I listed above I am also involved with undergraduate research, intramural sports (soccer, flag football and softball), and hold a part-time job.
I started off my college search unsure of what I wanted to even pursue. I had, like most of my fellow engineers, always excelled at math and science in high school, but I was unsure of how I wanted to incorporate those into my major. I finally settled upon engineering after my dad suggested I take a look at it through a Women in Engineering event here at Purdue during my Junior year of high school. I spent the day at Purdue exploring the different disciplines of engineering, doing hands-on activities, and listening to presenters (including David Bowker), and at the end of the day my mind was made up, I was going to be an engineer.

My choice to become a Boilermaker was slightly less conventional. I should preface this by saying my father, a Purdue alumni, had been attempting to convince me to go to Purdue since I could talk so I naturally initially rejected the idea of becoming a Boilermaker. Then as the time to make my college decision approached, my dad started taking me to every home game for the Purdue Men’s Basketball team. I was hooked. I loved the Big Ten atmosphere, the campus, everything about Purdue. My decision to come to Purdue was solidified once I took a look at their engineering program, and realized that it was a perfect fit for me.

I started off my college career wanting to be a Biomedical Engineer, but after my introduction to engineering course I realized that it was not the right fit for me. Going into the spring semester of my freshman year I was still undecided, now struggling to choose between Chemical Engineering or Materials Engineering. I of course initially chose the wrong one. I started off my first semester sophomore year as a Chemical Engineering student, and I was miserable. The topics did not interest me, and I quickly addressed my concerns with one of my professors. He suggested that I look into Materials Engineering, and I have never looked back since. I recently completed my first semester of Materials Engineering, and I love it. I love the hands-on aspect of my major, creating new materials, pushing current materials to their limits, trouble shooting material failure. I have finally found my place at Purdue.

I have never once regretted choosing Purdue engineering, even through the all-nighters, project deadlines, homework, and exams. I could not have asked for a better university and I look forward to sharing my experiences at Purdue with you all!!

Alex Persha

Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Year: Graduate (May 2012)
Hometown: Johnsburg, IL
Organization: Purdue Student Engineering Foundation (PSEF), Institute of Industrial Engineers, Professional Practice Ambassador, University Residences Ambassador, Intramural Sports

Alex Persha
Alex Persha and some ROCKS

I am a recent Industrial Engineering graduate from Purdue University. During my undergrad I was involved in several organizations as listed above. Getting involved around campus is very important! It shows that you are motivated, you are able to give back to the university, and most importantly you have fun! I have become very close friends with the members of my organizations I am involved with and it helps make Purdue my home away from home.

I have held several jobs here at Purdue such as working in the dining courts, being a First-Year Engineering advisor, and working as an advisor in the Office of Future Engineers. I am very passionate about Purdue and engineering and I love to show my school pride in any way possible! Whether it’s giving tours or just meeting a family of a prospective student, I am always glad to share my experiences at Purdue!

In addition to my campus involvement, I completed a 5-term Co-Op with Walt Disney World in Florida. I gained 20 months of hands-on experience where I developed my Industrial Engineering skills, met a lot of great people, and made memories to last a lifetime! I worked on some very cool projects such as redesigning the layout of one of their restaurant dining areas to increase the seating capacity, measuring their call reservation center’s daily performance, and documenting guests’ behaviors in the theme parks to better understand their habits within the parks. I know that my experience during this Co-Op helped set me up for success when I was interviewing for full-time positions! I will begin working as a consultant with a small technology/consulting firm in Chicago starting Aug. 2012. I am excited for the opportunity and know that my education from Purdue has adequately prepared me for the real world!

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