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Welcome to the College of Engineering Virtual Experience!

The Office of Future Engineers has created this virtual guide to walk you through nearly everything that Purdue Engineering has to offer. Think of this as your self-guided tour, with a series of virtual stops that each focus on a specific aspect of Purdue Engineering. You're able to spend as much (or as little!) time at each stop based on your interests. Simply swipe from right to left to explore more in each stop or continue scrolling down to the next one!

We also plan on continually updating the content on this page so that we can keep things fresh and add new experiences and student perspectives. Keep an eye on our social media feeds for announcements about new updates!

Stop #1: Overview of Purdue University and the Admissions Process

Purdue Memorial Union Arch
Fall Colors on Campus
People walking around campus
The Purdue Water Sculpture, more commonly known as the Engineering Fountain
Snow on the Purdue Gateway Arch

Purdue University Fast Facts

Total Student Enrollment
Undergraduate Students
Public University in the U.S.
(Wall St. Journal/Times Higher Education)
Most Innovative School in the U.S.
(U.S. News & World Report)

Stop #2: First-Year Engineering

Stop #3: Engineering Majors

Engineering Majors

Purdue Engineering offers 17 different majors for students to choose from, most of which offer concentration areas or focus tracks to choose from for further specialization. To help round out their degree or pursue additional interests, many engineering students also pursue minors and certificate programs. Some of the more popular minors for engineering students include business, foreign language, computer science, and other engineering disciplines. When you add up the number of engineering majors, specialization tracks, minors, and certificate programs, you get over 90 different ways to tailor Purdue Engineering to your interests!

Check out the videos below to hear from our students why they chose their major, how our First-Year Engineering program influenced that decision, and some of the experiences they’ve had in their classes, internships, and research projects.

All Engineering Majors List of Minors Certificate Programs

Stop #4: Engineering Opportunities

Stop #5: Engineering Student Life

Engineering Student Life

Your experience at Purdue is what you make of it! Even with all the opportunities we've covered so far, engineering students still find plenty of time for an active social life.

While Purdue is a large university with an average enrollment of 40,000 students, our students will tell you it has a small feel thanks in part to the Learning Communities, Greek System, and nearly 1,000 student organizations. Getting involved on campus is one of the best ways to make campus feel small. With things like the Goat Club, Free Food Club, robotics teams, a Quidditch team, faith-based organizations, cultural centers, big-name speakers, concerts and Broadway productions, Purdue offers unlimited involvement opportunities to meet other students with similar interests and backgrounds. Students can easily find clubs, organizations, and events to join through our Boilerlink database linked below.

And although Purdue does not have a music major, it is home to the Purdue "All-American" Marching Band (AAMB), the World’s Largest Drum, and a variety of musical ensembles and choirs through Purdue Bands & Orchestras and Purdue Musical Organizations. Over half of the musicians and singers on campus are students from STEM majors, and over half of them are studying engineering at Purdue.

Whether it’s taking a weekend trip to Chicago or Indianapolis, participating in intramurals , or even just getting dinner with some friends, there is always time to make new lifelong memories at Purdue

Boilerlink database Purdue Bands & Orchestras Purdue Musical Organizations

Stop #6: Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

There are over 30 buildings associated with Purdue Engineering for academics and research, with world-class facilities and innovative classrooms. Below are video tours of just a few of them, with more labs, classroom, and facilities to be added in the days and weeks to come! Check back soon!

Video Tours

Stop #7: Connect with Us

Connect with the students & staff of Purdue Engineering!

The absolute best way to get to know Purdue Engineering is to visit with current students! The Office of Future Engineers' Peer Counselors are current undergraduate engineering students who are ready to help you learn more about our campus, our programs, and what it’s really like to be a student in Purdue Engineering. We know what a big and complex decision college choice is, which is why we believe that being honest and authentic is vital to helping you find your best college fit. Feel free to ask us anything! Email us at future-engineers@purdue.edu or give us a call at (765) 494-3975.

There are also other great resources for connecting with students beyond our office! The Purdue Student Engineering Foundation (PSEF) is a student organization of dozens of current undergraduate engineering students who are all passionate about sharing their stories and experiences with prospective students and families. There's also the Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) and Minority Engineering Program (MEP), each of whom offer multiple opportunities to connect with students through events and one-on-one meetings.

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