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Our Mission

Aspire to inspire all middle school through high school students to consider engineering as a career, dedicated to recruiting a diverse and academically gifted student body to the First-Year Engineering (FYE) program at Purdue University, and continued engagement of Purdue Engineering Alumni in the development and growth of future leaders in Engineering.

Our People

David Bowker

David Bowker

Amy Glenn

Amy Glenn

Associate Directoraglenn@purdue.edu
Heather Coar

Heather Coar

Assistant Director of Communicationshcoar@purdue.edu
Aurie Swartz

I. Aurie Swartz

Assistant Director of
Lindsay Elias

Lindsay Elias

Office Managerlindsaye@purdue.edu

We are also helped out by an incredible group of current students and interns who assist us with daily operations, marketing, and communications for our office. The Purdue Student Engineering Foundation (PSEF) also collaborates with OFE in our daily information sessions and on-campus events making valuable connections with prospective students and families.

Our Approaches


We educate middle school and high school students, as well as their teachers and counselors, on what being an engineer is all about. Through presentations ranging from what an engineer does to planning a career in engineering to how to pay for college, we hope to get more students of all backgrounds interested in engineering.


Through on- and off-campus events, social media outreach, targeted email, a responsive website, print materials, and personal interactions, we seek to connect with high-achieving students from around the world to provide them with an insider's perspective of Purdue Engineering and campus life to help them determine if Purdue is right for them.


We constantly seek to partner with both current students and alumni to expand our outreach to middle schools and high schools all around the world.

Student Development

Empowering students to increase their skills in public speaking, interpersonal communication, writing, 2D design, project management, and much more.

Through the collaborative efforts of students, staff, faculty, and alumni, we put our mission statement into action through a broad range of on- and off-campus activities.

Daily Presentations

School/Class Visits

Strategic Events

Social Media Engagement

Direct Mailings

Alumni Connections

Latest Statistics

Below are the three-year trends and five-year comparisons of the number of admitted and enrolled students for various categories and the academic profiles of First-Year Engineering students:

Application and Acceptance

  2011 ... 2014 2015 2016 1-Year Change
Total Applications 9,834   15,472 17,003 17,737 4.3%
Admitted 6,725   8,268 9,161 8,806 -3.9%
Enrolled 1,763   1,770 1,923 2,077 8.0%
Resident 571   598 623 710 14.0%
Domestic Non-Resident 770   874 1,008 1,042 3.4%
International 422   298 291 325 11.7%
Enrolled - Women 461   443 549 548 0.0%
Enrolled - URM 121   131 145 152 4.8%
Black or African American 36   33 39 38 -2.6%
Hispanic/Latino 69   88 85 85 0.0%
Native American or Alaska Native 0   2 3 1 -66.7%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0   0 3 2 -33.3%
Two or More Races 16   8 15 26 73.3%

First-Year Engineering Class Data

  2011 ... 2014 2015 2016
SAT - Composite 0   0 1338 1330
Math 0   0 706 697
Critical Reading 0   0 625 633
ACT - Composite 0   30 31 31
GPA N/A   3.86 3.89 3.91

Summary of Activities

On-Campus Events



Off-Campus Events



Email Marketing


emails sent

Print Marketing

print pieces



Latest News

Standard Post with Image

Letter from the Director

Greetings from Armstrong Hall! Thank you so much for looking into what we've been up to this past year. Once again, it was a fast-paced, lickety-split recruitment cycle and I could not be more proud of what our team has accomplished. Read more

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Electronic media & the enrollment life cycle

Last year, the Office of Future Engineers (OFE) celebrated the success of a brand new responsive website – it continues to be a powerful recruitment and engagement tool in our arsenal. We also have a team of communications interns who are actively working on OFE’s social media channels to share our unit’s personality and encourage conversations with students who haven’t arrived to campus yet but are visiting Purdue or inquiring about their future as a Boilermaker. Read more

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Student leadership development

In an effort to meet the growing interest in Purdue Engineering, personalize the prospective student experience, and maintain a cost-effective and fully staffed unit, the Office of Future Engineers (OFE) turned to the biggest and best resource on Purdue’s campus - current Purdue students! Read more

"Engineering is a team sport. We do this because it is fun. We do it because we love it. But at the end of the day, we are making a difference."

--Leah H. Jamieson, John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering, Purdue University


OFE Welcome Center

Neil A. Armstrong Hall of Engineering, Room 1085
701 W Stadium Ave.
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: (765) 494-3975
Email: future-engineers@purdue.edu