Hwk video solutions

Homework H.1.A
Homework H.1.B

Homework H.2.A
Homework H.2.B

Homework H.3.A
Homework H.3.B

Homework H.4.A
Homework H.4.B

Homework H.5.A
Homework H.5.B

Homework H.6.A
Homework H.6.B

Homework H.7.A
Homework H.7.B

Homework H.8.A
Homework H.8.B Note: The solution for 8B considers 500ft-lb moment in opposite direction than what is actually given in the question. So actual final answer is different from the one obtained in the video.

Homework H.9.A
Homework H.9.B

Homework H.10.A
Homework H.10.B

Homework H.11.A
Homework H.11.B

Homework H.12.A
Homework H.12.B

Homework H.13.A
Homework H.13.B

Homework H.14.A Note: At 7:05 minutes in the video, it should be negative sign instead of the positive sign used. The final answer for Y_c changes accordingly.
Homework H.14.B

Homework H.15.A
Homework H.15.B

Homework H.16.A
Homework H.16.B

Homework H.17.A
Homework H.17.B

Homework H.18.A
Homework H.18.B

Homework H.19.A
Homework H.19.B

Homework H.20.A
Homework H.20.B

Homework H.21.A
Homework H.21.B

Homework H.22.A Note: Please note the following errors in the video. (1.) At 10:55 minutes in the video, F_x equation at joint E should have F_EH instead of F_BH. (2.) At 14:00 minutes in the video, the equation for F_BH (which is supposed to be F_EH) should be multiplied by a negative sign on RHS.
Homework H.22.B Note: At 11:49 minutes in the video, it should be F_BE*sin(theta) instead of F_BE*cos(theta) given in video.

Homework H.23.A
Homework H.23.B

Homework H.24.A - Note:  At 9:15 minutes, it should be -F_RS*(2h) instead of + used in the video.
Homework H.24.B - Note: 1. AB and KH are also zero force members but not indicated in the video. 2. At 5:58, F_DB=(h/b)*F instead of F_DB=(b/h)*F as given in video.

Homework H.25.A
Homework H.25.B

Homework H.26.A
Homework H.26.B

Homework H.27.A
Homework H.27.B

Homework H.28.A
Homework H.28.B

Homework H.29.A
Homework H.29.B

Homework H.30.A
Homework H.30.B

Homework H.31.A
Homework H.31.B

Homework H.32.A
Homework H.32.B

Homework H.33.A Note: At 04:50 minutes, C_y = -W instead of what is given in the video. All the answers change accordingly.
Homework H.33.B

Homework H.34.A
Homework H.34.B

Homework H.35.A
Homework H.35.B

Homework H.36.A - Beginning at 4:00 minutes, Oy=9wd/4 should be used instead of 7wd/4 as done in the video. This is going to change all the final answers.
Homework H.36.B

Homework H.37.A
Homework H.37.B

Homework H.38.A
Homework H.38.B

Homework H.39.A
Homework H.39.B


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