10 thoughts on “Homework H2.B - Sp23”

    1. I believe for this problem you can use the direction angles strategy to find the unit vector. The first example from Period 2 shows how this can be done.

  1. On part b (finding unit vector), I used Φ direction angle to find out the projection of F(AD) onto the xz plane. And I noticed that there is no additional θ or other degree sign that i can use to figure out the unit vector for x,y,z...

    Do i have to use only Φ direction angle to figure out the unit vector for x,y,z?

    1. The process I've been suggesting to students is to start with finding the length DO so that you can write the coordinates of point D. After you find that length you can do A-D to get the position vector, and use that to get the unit vector. This isn't the only way to do this problem, but it's a process that will always be applicable when finding a unit vector between two points.

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