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    1. Some common errors would be as follows: incorrect calculation for the equivalent forces leading to incorrect reaction forces, incorrect integration from v to x (ie. forgetting to divide by 2 etc.). I'd recommend going back through each step slowly. This happened to me last homework, but I was able to figure it out once I looked closely specifically at the math that seems easy but can lead to minor errors affecting the entire problem.

  1. It could also be wrong because you might have incorrectly identified the point where shear force diagram goes to 0. Use the equation of the line to find that unknown 'x'. One other mistake could be where you might have considered the distance 'x' for negative area calculation instead of (length BA - x).

  2. How should I determine which dimension in the cross section should be to the third power? Or should I be calculating it both ways and taking the larger result?

    1. For a rectangular cross section the dimension that will be cubed will be the one that is perpendicular to the neutral axis of the cross section.

    2. since you are finding sigma (x), sigmax=Moment at x times y divided by the resistance inertia for the y, the way I think about it is that I need to cancel a term out for discrete non-hollow systems while keeping both dimensions in the equation, the only possible way here is having the y cubed

    3. if it was sigma y we are interested about then itll be the other way around having moment at a y location times x distance over total y times x^3 in order to consider both in the equation.

  3. I am having trouble on thinking about the bending moment diagram. Can you explain or clarify on how to build it. If positive area on shear positive slope on bending moment and the integral right?

    1. Yes it's correct. First get the shear diagram, and it tells you the information of the slop of moment diagram. Then think about the reaction force at the boundary, and it tells you how the moment diagram start(at the boundary.)

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