16 thoughts on “HOMEWORK H30.B”

  1. For my bending moment diagram, My M(x) graph started at 0 Kn-m but it did not end at 0 Kn-m. Can this be correct in a scenario where no couples exist on the system?

    1. I had the same thing but when I went back and check I found that my initial reactions at the joints were wrong so maybe that could be your issue.

  2. Not sure if here's the place to post this, but when I submitted the homework on Gradescope (H30) there was no option to select pages; instead it automatically selected regions on my first sheet of answers as the answers for H30.A and H30.B. Not sure if this matters or not.

  3. Is anyone else still having a problem with their bending moment diagram? I believe my sheer diagram is correct (I've double checked my reaction forces and this one ends up at zero), but I cannot figure out how to get my bending moment diagram to reach zero again at the end.

      1. Zaid is right. The shear force diagram won't end at zero in this problem but the bending moment will end at zero. If that's not happening then there must be some mistake.

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