14 thoughts on “Homework 6.2”

  1. When it says to consider the shear force and bending moment diagrams from problem 6.1, does that mean we are taking those as a given for all of problem 6.2 and applying it to the questions?

  2. For Part 1.a, are we supposed in include both locations where the magnitude of maximum normal stress occurs, since it doesn't specify tensile or compressive? Additionally, for Part 1.c, is the question asking for the magnitude of the maximum shear stress? The question doesn't specify, and if is supposed to be the magnitude, should we include the entire range of locations where it would occur?

    1. Part 1 - a: Yes, that is correct - max. compressive and tensile normal stress.

      Part 1 - c: Yes, it is the magnitude. If there are multiple points experiencing this magnitude mention that in words.

  3. Are we just supposed to work with the centroid of the triangle because it says "at a point B just to the left", I do not see a point B?

  4. In the problem statement for part 1, do they mean to ask for (x, y) coordinates or (y, z) coordinates? Seeing as the figures use (y, z) coordinates.

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