Homework H5.J - Fa22

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Four-step plan

Step 1: FBD
Draw a free-body diagram for the plate.

Step 2: Kinetics - Work/energy
Write down the kinetic energy and potential energy expressions for the plate, along with the work done on the disk by non-conservative forces. The instant center, IC, is fairly easy to locate for Position 2 - you are able to write down the KE for the plate as Tplate = 0.5*IICω2, if you choose to do so. The work done by F is equal to U = FsD, where sD is the distance traveled by corner D of the plate.

Step 3: Kinematics
The easiest approach here is to use the location of the IC for the plate.

Step 4: Solve
Solve your equations from Steps 2 and 3 for the angular speed of the plate.


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      1. Does that mean that the angle that the bottom of the plate makes with the horizontal is the same as theta? Then can you just add the length of the plate onto that horizontal distance?

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