Homework H5.I - Fa22

Problem statement
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Discussion and hints:

Recall the following four-step plan outline in the lecture book and discussed in lecture:

Step 1: FBDs
Draw a single free body diagram for the system made up of the disk, bar and block, combined.

Step 2: Kinetics (work/energy)

  • Write down the kinetic expressions for the three bodies in the system, individually, and then add those together to find the total KE for the system of your FBD.
  • Do the same for the potential energies: write down the PEs for each body individually and add together.
  • Also, based on your FBD above, which, if any force or couple, does nonconservative work on the system in your FBD? Determine work for such a force/couple.

Step 3: Kinematics
Since the bar is welded to the disk, the angular velocities of the bar and disk are the same. The no-slip condition at the point of contact of the disk and block enforces a constraint between the rotation rate of the disk and the translational speed of the block. What is that constraint?

Step 4: Solve
Solve your equations above for the angular velocity of the disk.

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