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Step 1: FBD - Draw individual free body diagrams (FBDs) of each particle, along with an FBD of all three particles.

Step 2: Linear impulse/momentum - Carefully consider each FBD above. In which directions (if any) is linear momentum conserved for each FBD.

Step 3: Kinematics - None needed here.

Step 4: Solve - Use the conservation of linear momentum equations from Step 2, along with the coefficient of restitution equation in the "n"-directions for the two impacts.


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    1. Treat the collisions between blocks A and C, and A and B separately. You should be able to use the equations we learned in class to find the final velocity of A as a result of each collision separately. Then, add the two results together and determine the final direction of travel.

    1. I think you can do whichever you prefer (as long as the angle is marked from a known reference axis, like the x-axis). Since you solved for the velocity of A I think that a unit vector would be easiest.

    1. As what Joel says above, you need to separate the impacts of spheres B and A and C and A separately. I believe you need to first solve for the final velocities of B and C using the coefficient of restitution linear momentum equations before you can solve for the final velocities of A in their respective positions.

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