Homework H1.D - Fa22

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NOTE: For the acceleration of the skier at B, consider the position to be on the curved portion of the path.

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Discussion and hints:

Recall that in terms of path components, the acceleration of a point can be written as:

a = v_dot et + (v2/ρ) en

where v is the speed, v_dot is the rate of change of speed and ρ is the radius of curvature of the path. Note that for the radius of curvature for a straight path is ρ = ∞.

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  1. Did the instructors give any instructions about which side they prefer we evaluate points B and C from? Depending on which segment we decide they belong in the direction of their instantaneous acceleration changes.

  2. For calculating the acceleration vectors, are we supposed to use the tangential direction as the positive X direction? I assume this is what we need to do since there's no real geometry given except the drawing. and radius of the curve.

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