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    1. I think it depends on what they call the vertical axis and how you orient it. So if you have a regular Cartesian x and y axis, gravity would be -9.8 because it is in the negative direction, but if your coordinate system is upside down, then it would be a positive value.

    1. I wrote the x and y equations for both blocks, then found all of the tensions in terms of one tension (I used to the tensions between block A and the pulley C). Then you can substitute so you only have tension, force, and mass left. Then plug it into F=ma.

    1. If you orient the coordinate system so that the x is parallel with the inclined surface, then just m,g, and F. But if you leave the system parallel with the diagram, then you'd need theta as well.

  1. I placed the coordinate system x parallel with the incline, and i still got theta in my answer. Are we supposed to have theta in the accelerations of block A and B?

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