5 thoughts on “Homework H.3.H”

  1. I noticed that we are asked to find the angular velocity and acceleration of the tube which I believe has nothing to do with the movement of particle P. Is the particle P information relevant to the problem and is there some part missing to the question?

      1. Wait, I'm sorry, I meant the other way around. Disregard what I said prior. I'm pretty sure Particle P would not matter for the tube movements, which you can see in example 3.B.4. I'm not really sure what its purpose is in this problem.

    1. For some semesters, there is a second part of the problem where you are asked also for the velocity of P. This semester, we shortened the problem to just finding the angular motion of the arm.

    2. There is probably a second part of the question asking for vp and ap but is now deleted since we skip the lecture about moving particles with two rotating axes.

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