Homework H.3.C


Shown above is the motion of the mechanism as seen by a fixed observer.

For the same motion, the above animation shows the view of an observer that is attached to the slotted link.

It is suggested that you employ the view of the observer on the slotted arm in your analysis.

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    1. eaaltone: In solving these problems using a moving reference frame, it is important to define not only your observer but also the coordinate axes. Here, in this problem, it is recommended that you choose the observer to be attached to BE, as well as the xyz axes to be attached to BE.

    1. Yes, that is a good place to start. Then, follow up that with the MRF velocity equation relating the velocity of D to the velocity of A. This gives you two velocity equations for point D. Equate these two, and break into x- and y-components. Two equations for the unknowns of omega_BE and d_dot.

      Repeat the process for accelerations.

  1. How do we determine the direction of d_ddot? It makes sense to me that d_dot must be in the negative x direction when the axes are fixed to BE, but I'm not sure how to find the direction of d_ddot.

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