Homework H.2.H


The animation above shows the motion of the mechanism over a range of input angles of link OA. For a given position, envision the location of the instant centers (ICs) for links AB and CD. Do the directions and magnitudes for the velocities of points B, C and D agree with the location of these ICs?

Shown below if a freeze-frame of the mechanism motion at the position for which you are asked to do analysis. From this figure, where are the two ICs for links CD and BC? In particular, how does the position of the IC for AB relate to the relative sizes of the speeds of points A, C and B? What is the angular velocity of link AB at this position?

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    1. Yeah that should be correct. I believe that either the original problem included values for w(OA) and L, or they just forgot to include that the answer should be given in those terms

    1. Chance: Please remember from yesterday's class about the location of the IC when the velocities are parallel - two parallel lines in a plane intersect at āˆž. And, also, what does the IC at āˆž imply about the angular velocity of the link?

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