Rob SwihartAs professor of Wildlife Ecology in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, I have the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of dedicated colleagues, staff and students and visit with leaders in natural resources science and management in Indiana, nationally, and globally.

In addition to my work, I enjoy basketball, golf, reading, visiting my kids, playing with my pets, and spending time with my lovely wife, but not necessarily in that order.

I’m a quantitative ecologist whose research tends to focus on forest mammals and whose interests include fragmentation ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, disturbance ecology, restoration ecology, and conservation biology. I rely on a combination of experimental, comparative and modeling approaches to address the importance of spatial structure for behavioral and ecological processes affecting the conservation and management of vertebrates. My students and I work on questions that span levels of biological organization from individuals to communities and spatial scales ranging from microsites to continents. I enjoy collaborative research and have worked with mathematicians, statisticians, specialists in remote sensing, botanists, parasitologists, endocrinologists, chemists, hydrologists, economists, demographers, and social scientists.

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