I believe in integrating my research and engagement work into the classroom.  I also use a great deal of service learning my classes and most of my classes are very active, i.e. I use a flipped classroom and students do activities in class versus listening to me lecture.

I also Co-Direct the Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES) interdisciplinary undergraduate major so I have a great deal of contact with undergraduate students.

Recent Courses: 

AG 122: Introduction to NRES
This ½ credit class for first year students provides an overview of environmental options on campus.

FNR 470: Fundamentals of Planning
This one credit undergraduate course introduces students to key concepts of planning such as zoning, conservation easements, elements of the Farm Bill and stakeholder involvement.

NRES 498: Environmental Sciences Learning Community
This one credit learning community is for first year students at Purdue interested in the environmental sciences.  It intends to break down barriers between students and faculty to enable greater student success.

NRES 200: Environmental Careers
This one credit seminar course provides professional development information to students interested in environmental careers.

NRES 498/FNR 498/FNR 598: Climate Change Policy: From Global to Local
This three credit class explores climate change policies in various locations around the world. Students spend the semester working in a group and trying to change a local policy.

FNR 580: Research Methods for Natural Resource Social Scientists
This three credit graduate level research methods course covers fundamental concepts such as theories and paradigms; how to articulate clear research questions and testable hypotheses; differences between types of research designs; issues of validity and reliability; quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods; and how to write a research proposal.

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