Land use changes, farm management practices, water pollution, climate change, and other human activities all threaten our natural resources here in Indiana and throughout the Midwest. The Natural Resources Social Science Lab (NRSS) that I lead at Purdue studies how human interactions with the environment impact natural resources. Our lab’s research, teaching, and engagement focus primarily on how to best motivate farmers, stakeholders, and citizens of all kinds to participate in more environmentally friendly behaviors and practices.

The NRSS lab supports Purdue’s commitment to diversity and welcomes individuals of all ages, backgrounds, citizenships, disability, sex, education, ethnicities, family statuses, genders, gender identities, geographical locations, languages, military experience, political views, races, religions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic statuses, and work experiences.  Several members of the lab (including me) have completed Safe Zone training.

I also Direct the Indiana Water Resources Research Center and you can learn more about that work here.

Reminder: USDA Midwest Climate Hub is searching for a coordinator. Applications close Oct. 27. Apply here:

Linda Prokopy (@lprokopy) became interested in environmental issues in high school, and has researched policy and planning around the world. Her journey brought her to @PurdueFNR as a professor, and now she will serve as the new head of @PurdueHortLA.

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