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Brood surveys provide useful estimates about annual production by wild turkey hens and the survival of poults (young turkeys) through the summer brood-rearing period. Information on summer brood survival is essential for sound turkey management.

Adult hen with one week old poults

Example of how to count and record turkey broods for the turkey brood survey. Image is from the Introduction to Documenting Turkey Brood Publication from the Indiana DNR.

Each summer, Indiana DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife compiles observations of wild turkey broods (hens with poults) and hens without broods during July and August to obtain an estimate of the annual wild turkey Production Index (PI = poults per adult hen). Annual production is a primary factor influencing wild turkey population trends, regional population levels, and subsequent harvests and hunter success.

This year, with your help, the Indiana DNR aim to collect 3,000 brood observation reports across the state – with a goal of at least 25 observations per county. We’re excited to offer you a new, easier way to submit your turkey brood sighting, no password required. You can share your observations of wild turkey hens with and without poults from July 1 to August 31, 2021. If you’re new to turkey brood identification, you can find a brood identification guide on our website, Turkey Brood Reporting.

We greatly appreciate your help documenting turkey broods around the state.

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