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The Helm magazine cover, Illinois-Indiana Sea GrantThe 2021 issue of Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant’s magazine, The Helm, is now available. This annual publication is a collection of program research, outreach and education success stories as well as ongoing activities to address coastal concerns.

This issue is focused on rain gardens, aquaculture, marine debris and more, including a Chicago artist who photographs things he finds while walking along Lake Michigan beaches.

Headlines from this issue:

  • Great Lakes Litter Contributes to Larger Microplastic Problem
  • IISG Helps Aquaculture Producers Diversify Their Marketing Opportunities
  • Purdue Rainscaping Program Brings Rain Garden Training to Illinois Extension

The Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) program is funded through National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the University of Illinois and Purdue University, but IISG also works in partnerships with key organizations, institutions, and agencies in the region to reach more audiences and multiply opportunities for success. IISG brings together scientists, educators, policy makers, community decision makers, outreach specialists, business leaders, and the general public to work towards a healthy environment and economy.

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Hope Charters, Communications Coordinator
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

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