American Citizen Planner – Indiana

Program Objectives

The American Citizen Planner course prepares citizen planners for their role as public officials serving plan commissions in the state of Indiana.

It is divided into two levels, 101 and 201. It is designed to develop knowledge and skills for an audience that may be unfamiliar with the concepts and regulations that form the framework of planning in Indiana.

Logo for American Citizen Planner - Empowering People to Build Better Places


After completing a comprehensive exam, participants will receive the Master Citizen Planner Certificate.

Target Audiences

American Citizen Planner participants may include:

  • Plan commission members, including Extension professionals
  • Government agency liaisons
  • Local officials
  • Representatives of nonprofit groups
  • Students
  • Interested residents of the community


Modules are designed to take about 45 minutes to complete and cover a broad range of topics, including:

  • Ethics
  • Legal foundations
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Development plan review


Contact Us

American Citizen Planner – Indiana is administered by Purdue University.  

To learn more, please contact:
Daniel Walker, Community Planning Extension Specialist 
Purdue University, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources / Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant


Dr. Annie Cruz-Porter, AICP, Community & Regional Development Specialist
Purdue Center for Regional Development

Dr. Indraneel Kumar, AICP, Regional Planner: GIS & Spatial Analysis
Purdue Center for Regional Development

Tamara Ogle, Regional Extension Educator – Community Development
Purdue Extension Community Development



Kara Salazar, AICP, PCED, LEED AP ND, Assistant Program Leader and Extension Specialist for Sustainable Communities
Purdue Extension, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant

Daniel Walker, AICP, Community Planning Extension Specialist
Purdue Extension, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant