Planning with POWER

Planning with POWER (Protecting Our Water and Environmental Resources) was a statewide Extension program that linked land use planning with watershed planning at the local level. Planning with POWER publications focus on educating local decision makers about the benefits of proactive storm water management, water resources management, and smart growth planning policies. Although the Planning with POWER Program is no longer available, the associated publications are available for download.​​​

Planning with POWER Publications
Brownfields: A Rural Community Problem

Climate Change: Where does it fit in your future plans?
Climate Change: Are you preparing for it?
Climate Change: How will you manage stormwater runoff?
Climate Change: How will you manage your water resources?
How To Get Started: Protecting Your Community From Polluted Runoff
Impacts of Development on Waterways
The Relationship Between Land Use Decision and the Impacts on Our Water and Natural Resources
Strategies to Minimize Polluted Runoff
Nonpoint Source Pollution: A Threat to Our Waters
Open Space Planning
Protecting Our Water and Environmental Resources
Smart Growth and Protection of Natural Resources in Indiana
Stormwater and Non-point Source Pollution
Stormwater Runoff
Sustainable Land Use: Impact on Climate Change and Health