Community Action Plan

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CCLThe community action planning program supports a series of five planning sessions with Purdue facilitators. Community groups identify issues of concern and a program track of either land use planning at a watershed scale or invasive species management. Sessions will include community visioning, education on innovative management strategies, and coaching for action plans. The result is a local or regional action plan and strategies for implementation projects for use with watershed plans, comprehensive plan updates, invasive species management plans and/or planning commission recommendations. A community application begins the process.

Through the course of the action planning meetings, participants:

  • increase their understanding of assessing ecosystem health and natural resource management options;
  • apply decision-support tools to make decisions and take actions on ecosystem health; and
  • form diverse community partnerships to create and implement land use and/or natural resource management action plans.

Applications are now open for 2017 community action planning programs.
Application and instructions for CCL