Conservation through Community Leadership

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CCLNatural resource management and land use planning decisions impact the quality of Indiana’s environment. Purdue Extension’s new Conservation through Community Leadership program guides community groups, boards, and commissions through facilitated action planning sessions to support locally-driven natural resource management strategies and policy. Community groups participating in the program identify issues of concern and a program track of either land use planning at a watershed scale or invasive species management. This Indiana-based curriculum and companion training program combines best practices in leadership training with a community development framework.

Purdue facilitators lead land use and natural resource managers through multidisciplinary workshops and the Tipping Points and Indicators state-of-the-art land use decision support system. In an atmosphere of collaboration, diverse groups craft goals and action strategies to address challenging land use and natural resource management issues that affect communities across Indiana.

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Target audience
Conservation through Community Leadership (CCL) is designed for public agency staff, nongovernmental organizations, and those serving on boards and commissions with emphasis on natural resources management, conservation, agriculture and land use. The program is conducted as both a natural resources focused community action planning program and a train-the-trainer workshop concentrating on leadership development and skill building for implementing community-based action planning programs.