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Indiana Woodland Steward Summer 2021 NewsletterThe Indiana Woodland Steward Institute has published a new round of resources and articles in the 2021 Summer Issue which is available to view on the Indiana Woodland Steward website.

Highlights include:

  • Spotted Lanternfly Found in Indiana
    “In July 2021, a population of spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) was identified in Switzerland County, Indiana…”
  • The 17-Year Cicada Emergence is Wrapped up: Now what?
    Elizabeth Barnes
    “Cicada screams may be dying down for another 17-years, but there are still some lingering effects on the ecosystem from these insects. Periodical cicadas (aka 17-year cicadas) feed…”
  • Cave Spring Farm—Working in the Morning
    By Dan Lynch
    “Cave Spring Farm is located in Owen County, on Indian Creek north of Gosport. The Farm history starts with William Asher (1740-1780) enlisting…”
  • Clark State Forest—Then and Now
    By Brad Schneck
    “On March 2, 2012, a deadly tornado outbreak occurred over a large section of the southern United States into the Ohio Valley region. The storm resulted in 40 tornado-related…”
  • Hardwood Economics & Industry Update
    By Chris Gonso
    “The major story late this spring and early summer was price surges for lumber which was focused mainly on softwoods but got a lot of national media attention. Hardwood lumber prices increased…”
  • The Birders’ Dozen
    Profile 1: Red-headed Woodpecker
    Dr. Jessica Outcalt, consulting bird biologist
    “Welcome to the Birders’ Dozen! Over the next several issues, we are going to introduce a series of bird species from Forestry for the Birds. The Birders’ Dozen are forest birds that…”

The Indiana Woodland Steward Newsletter is a resource that’s full of a variety of valuable information to foresters, woodland owners, timber marketing specialists and any woodland enthusiasts. The Indiana Woodland Steward Institute is an entity made from 11 organizations within the state including Purdue University, Indiana DNR, and Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association, that works to promote best usage practices of Indiana’s woodland resources through their Woodland Steward publication.

Check out the IWS website to stay current in the world of forestry and wildlife. Receive their free e-newsletter by subscribing at IWS Subscribe. Feel free to browse archived articles dating back to 1992 for more information.

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Brian MacGowan, Extension Wildlife Specialist
Department of Forestry & Natural Resources, Purdue University

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