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I am very excited to introduce listeners to a brand new segment on the Got Nature? Podcast series called “Boiler Up For Wildlife.” This is a weekly segment where I talk with wildlife biologists about current wildlife issues. For this week’s podcast, we are going to be discussing disease issues associated with White-tailed Deer. My first guest is a regular on the show, a good friend of mine and a Purdue alum.

In this episode, Bob Cordes, a wildlife biologist with Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, discusses a common set of viruses that affect White-tailed Deer across much of the United States. These diseases are known as Hemorrhagic Diseases, specifically Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease and Blue Tongue Virus. Bob will discuss disease vectors, symptoms and impacts to deer populations.

Listen here:
Boiler Up For Wildlife: Fall outbreaks of EHD and Blue Tongue in Deer, Got Nature? Podcasts
iTunes – Got Nature? Podcasts

Age Determination in the White-tailed Deer video, The Education Store-Purdue Extension Resource Center
Food Plots for White-tailed Deer
, The Education Store
How to Score Your White-tailed Deer
, The Education Store

Bob Cordes, Assistant Regional Wildlife Biologist
Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Rod Williams, Associate Professor of Wildlife Science
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University

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