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Trees with colored leaves.WANE 15 Fort Wayne News & Weather interviews Dr. Jingjing Liang, associate professor of quantitative forest ecology from Purdue Forestry and Natural Resources, to ask the expert about when to expect fall leaves. Dr. Liang explains in WANE 15 video that if local forecast projections are correct with warmer temperatures and with little rain, we may have fall color earlier this year with leaves changing in the middle of October. Dr. Liang goes on to explain that with a reduction in solar energy and lower temperatures it will cause trees to produce less chlorophyll.

View full article, When to expect fall leaves this year written by Aaron Organ, for more information about why the green leaves turn to vibrant red, yellow and orange colors.

Check out our Got Nature blog “Why do Our Trees Go From Green Leaves to Different Colors?” which includes video Fall Color Pigments by Lenny Farlee, extension forester.

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