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Forestry expert examining tree roots, Indiana Woodland Steward website.Check out the new newsletter posts available by visiting the Indiana Woodland Steward website. Stay current in the world of forestry and receive their free e-newsletter by subscribing at IWS Subscribe.

Highlights from the current Newsletter include:

  • Presidents Message
    “The past two years have taught us many tough lessons about our personal health, society, economics, politics and even recreation. Trying to maintain “social distancing” and avoid …”
  • The Birders’ Dozen Profile 2: American Woodcock
    Dr. Jessica Outcalt, consulting bird biologist
    “Welcome to the second iteration of the Birders’ Dozen series from Forestry for the Birds. The Birders’ Dozen are forest birds that can benefit from targeted management practices, as most are declining due to habitat loss…”
  • ID That Tree – Shingle Oak
    By Lenny Farlee
    “On this edition of ID That Tree, we’re going to introduce you to a native Indiana oak, that from the leaves, might not suggest oak to you at all…”
  • Healthy Forests, Healthy Markets
    “In Indiana, forestry agencies including soil and water conservation districts are focusing on educating landowners on the connection between healthy forests and healthy markets; many landowners there don’t realize that harvesting is the…”
  • Using Harvests and Fire to Promote Oak Reproduction in Dry Upland Forests
    Sarah Rademacher and Michael Jenkins
    “Oak (Quercus spp.) forests in the eastern United States provide valuable wildlife habitat, timber resources, and carbon storage. They are fire-adapted ecosystems that…”
  • Your Woodland is Your Legacy
    By Amy Spalding
    “Each year I love to try out something new in my garden. Occasionally I am surprised with success. Other times my efforts fail miserably. The great part about it is that…”
  • White Oak Initiative Releases Critical Action Plan to Reverse Decline of America’s White Oak Forests
    Credit: The White Oak Initiative
    “The White Oak Initiative, a diverse coalition of partners committed to the long-term sustainability of America’s white oak forests, today announced…”
  • Should We Be Concerned About Coyotes?
    By Brian MacGowan
    “Spring is just around the corner and you are probably looking forward to the return of many birds, mammals and amphibians. While folks are quick to recognize…”
  • Ask the Steward
    By Dan Ernst
    “Question: A woodworker friend of mine says there are Ebony trees growing in Indiana. I thought these were tropical species.”

The Indiana Woodland Steward Newsletter is a resource that’s full of a variety of valuable information to foresters, woodland owners, timber marketing specialists and any woodland enthusiasts. The Indiana Woodland Steward Institute is an entity made from 11 organizations within the state including Purdue UniversityIndiana DNR, and Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association, that works to promote best usage practices of Indiana’s woodland resources through their Woodland Steward publication.

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Forest Improvement Handbook, The Education Store
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Subscribe: Deer, Forest Management, Invasive Species and many other videos, Purdue Extension-Forestry and Natural Resources YouTube Channel

Dan McGuckin, President
Indiana Woodland Steward

Dr. Brian MacGowan, Extension Wildlife Specialist
Department of Forestry & Natural Resources, Purdue University

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