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Barn owl nest cam

Barn owls are an endangered species in Indiana, mostly due to habitat loss. Barn owls need large areas of pasture, hayfields, grasslands, or wet meadows that have populations of meadow voles, their favorite food. Indiana DNR Continues to work with the public to place nest boxes where suitable habitat is available. The DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife’s Wildlife Diversity Program has placed more than 300 barn owl nest boxes since 1984. Properly designed nest boxes offer superior places for nesting and roosting and are readily accepted by the endangered owl.

Have you viewed the barn owl webcam? The barn owls are back and nesting season is well underway. The female recently laid two eggs. Barn owls lay six eggs on average, so check back to see if she lays more. This year, the first egg was laid on March 19th. Check out the barn owl webcam and see what our barn owl friends are doing.

You can help by donating to the Nongame Fund to increase nest box sites and help more than 750 nongame and endangered species throughout Indiana.

Barn Owl, Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Barn Owl Nest Webcam, Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Indiana DNR

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