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WHEP FacebookWildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) is a national program of 4-H Youth Development and FFA in which youth learn wildlife identification, wildlife natural history and habitat management, along with testing their knowledge during regional, state, and national Career Development Events. WHEP began in Indiana in 1997 with one 4-H team of four students, and has grown to a size of over 33 teams with almost 130 youth participating.

WHEP has recently created a new Facebook page that will announce national and state events, provide information about teaching aids and resources, and offer updates about the latest news in natural resources management throughout the country.

The new publication Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program: Preparing for the Wildlife Challenge​​ was recently released to help youth practice wildlife identification for the Wildlife Challenge during the WHEP Career Development Event. For more information about WHEP, check out the national website or the Indiana WHEP website, and be sure to like WHEP on Facebook!

WHEP Facebook Page
WHEP National Website
WHEP Indiana Website​
Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program: Preparing for the Wildlife Challenge – The Education Store, Purdue Extension Resource Center
Wildlife Habitat Education Program – Teaching and Learning Wildlife Management Practices – The Education Store
WHEP – Wildife Habitat Evaluation Program video – Purdue Extension

Rob Chapman, Extension Wilidlife Specialist
Purdue University Department of Natural Resources

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