Waiting Lists open on Monday, Nov. 25!

Waitings Lists will open in MyPurdue at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 25.  Hooray!  They will close at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 10, 2014.

Keep in mind that waiting lists are only available for single-part courses (like MGMT 200) and select linked courses that have only one lab, recitation, or PSO section connected to it – a one-to-one correspondence between course parts.  As a quick reminder, when looking up a course in myPurdue, if you see a red flag next to the sections, it is a multi-part course.  If a linked course has multiple lab sections (like CHM 115), it is not available for wait listing.

For step-by-step waiting list instructions with screen shots, please refer to this page: https://wl.mypurdue.purdue.edu/securesite/restricted/HelpDocs/pdf/Student_Wait_Listing.pdf.  You’ll need to log on with your Purdue Career username and password. attached PDF document.  Further information and a FAQ are also available within myPurdue under the “Help/Navigation” tab.  

To add yourself to a waiting list:

  • Go to Look Up Classes and select a specific CRN.
  • Then go to Add/Drop Classes and add yourself to that CRN
  • When you get an error that the course is full, it will present you with a drop down box with an option to “Waitlist” the course.  The course will then appear on your schedule as “waitlisted.”
  • You can see where you are on the waiting list by going back to the Academic Tab and choosing the “Detailed Schedule” option. 

When space opens up in a course, the first person on the waiting list will be sent an e-mail.  That student will have 16 hours from the e-mail’s date stamp to go into myPurdue and register for the class. If the student does nothing, the chance expires and the next person on the waiting list is contacted to claim that space.

Some things to remember:  

    • Make sure that the section (CRN) of a course you choose to wait list works in your current schedule and has no pre- or co-requisites that you don’t already meet. 
    • You cannot wait list yourself for multiple sections of the same course. However, you can put yourself on a waiting list for multiple, different courses (one CRN per course)
    • Students who have a hold will not be able to register for or waitlist any courses.  If the hold is incurred while the student is on a waiting list, the course cannot be added until the hold is cleared.  

“Ghost Spaces” warning: 

    • If there is a number 1 or greater in the “WL Act” column, it means that a) the course is wait listed and b) people are already in line for the course.  
    • This means there is NO actual space in the class, EVEN IF IT SAYS SO IN THE “REM” COLUMN.   
    • If there is a space listed in the “Rem” column, it’s because it’s being held for the first person on the waiting list who then has 16 hours to add it to their schedule. 
    • PLEASE do NOT drop your space in a section in order to add another section until you are absolutely sure there is no one waiting for that section.  If you drop a section and it gets snatched up by someone else, it’s gone. 

If you have questions about waiting list, read the attached instructions and then contact your academic advisor.

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