Learning Communities in the News!

Purdue has many Learning Communities students can be apart of during their first year. But some of you may be wondering, ‘What are Learning Communities?” Learning Communities, also known as LCs, are a group of 20-30 first year students who take two to three of the same courses together. They can also be a group of first year students who have a common academic interest and live in the same residence hall. Or it can be a combination of the two! In Exploratory Studies we have 3 types of LCs- Exploratory Studies Scholars, Explorers, and Exploring Business Majors.

A recent list has been released of the top LCs at colleges and universities around the country and Purdue made the list!

To read more about the ranking, visit  http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/learning-community-programs

To learning more about our LCs in Exploratory Studies visit the links below:

Exploratory Studies Scholars: http://www.purdue.edu/studentsuccess/orientation/learning_communities/profiles/undergradstudies/usp.html

Explorers: http://www.purdue.edu/studentsuccess/orientation/learning_communities/profiles/undergradstudies/explorers.html

Exploring Business Majors: http://www.purdue.edu/studentsuccess/orientation/learning_communities/profiles/undergradstudies/exploring_business.html