Finding Private Scholarships

The Division of Financial Aid (DFA) strongly recommends that students visit to set up a personal private scholarship search account.  Fastweb is a nationally known scholarship company that does not charge students to provide a scholarship match service.  By entering your personal profile, Fastweb will do a search to see if you match the eligibility requirements for over 600,000 private scholarships listed in their database. 

In fact, to help make more scholarships available to Purdue students, the DFA sends all private scholarship eligibility criteria that they receive from outside agencies directly to Fastweb. 

Here’s how the process works (it can be completed in 15 minutes or less):

  • Go to and set up your account and personal data profile.  Be sure to list Purdue University as your current school in order to be eligible for Purdue-only private scholarships.
  • As scholarships come in that match your profile, you’ll be alerted via e-mail with contact information for that scholarship. 
  • You must then follow up with the scholarship agency via paper application or email as instructed.