Schedule Changing Strategies

Thinking about making some scheduling changes?  Here are some things you need to know:

  •  E-mail your advisor if you are going to drop or add a new course.  No  e-mail is required if you are just changing the time of an existing course.
  •  To prevent frustrating lines at the Registrar’s office and a possible loss of course seats, make all schedule changes before August 19.
  • To change your schedule, you will need your Alternate PIN.  If you have lost it, find it on MyPurdue under the Academic tab Registration Tools menu → Display Registration PIN link.
  •  In MyPurdue, if you want to change the time of one part of a course, you must drop all of the parts of the course and then re-add all of them.  Make sure that there is space in all the parts of the course before you drop the old sections.  There are no “go backs.”
  • If you are registered for Calculus and CHM 11500 or PHYS 17200, and you want to change your Math (MA) time, you may encounter an error asking you to drop your PHYS or CHM course first.   How to change only your MA time by dropping and adding sections at the same time:

– Research the CRNs of the sections you want to add and type them into the boxes at the bottom of the “Add or Drop Classes” page.
– Next, go to the schedule and drop the old sections by clicking on the drop-down box. Select “drop” for all of the sections.
– Now, click “Submit Changes.”  This drops and adds the MA sections at the same time.
– If this does not work, you may have to drop BOTH classes and re-add them. Make sure all the parts of both classes have space in them before you drop and add.  When re-adding the courses, add MA first and then the science class.

  •  EDPS 10500, USP 90000, or USP 90200:  Do not drop or change the times of these courses without your advisor’s permission.
  • In order to graduate on time, maintain between 15 to 17 credit hours.  Stay above 12 credit hours to ensure financial aid and insurance coverage.
  •  If you have problems accessing MyPurdue, contact the ITaP Customer Service Center at or at (765) 494-4000.