CODO meeting information for Engineering Students

All soon-to-be Engineering students who are CODO-eligible are required to attend a CODO meeting this semester.  The rules have changed a good deal over this last semester as the College of Engineering gears up to expand its numbers in response to the new Purdue Moves Initiative.  Also, we strongly encourage these students to pay very close attention to a change in the CODO-in procedure, which include new, shorter deadlines for CODO paper submission.

The link to sign up for a CODO meeting is located under the word “here” in the first item under “CODO Procedures.”  Then students will login with their Purdue Career Account username and password and select “CODO Meeting.”  We recommend that you take paper and a pen to the meeting to take notes.  Students need to make sure an sign-in when they arrive to a CODO meeting to make sure that their attendance is recorded.  As students have questions about this process, they should speak with their Exploratory Studies advisor!