Classes 411: English

Hey Boilermakers!

We are on the homestretch now! In no time, we will all be hopefully enjoying a fun, relaxing, and well deserved summer break! This also means we all need to schedule classes for the upcoming Fall semester…and that’s why I am here.

If you have an affinity for literature, simply love reading, or want to try out one of the many English courses offered here at Purdue, I have a few suggestions. ENGL 230 and EGL250 are superb classes for those of you who love to read the classics. ENGL230 is specifically great narrative works and ENGL 250 is Great American books. I am told the chances are rather high you have already read or  know the general story for most of the books so don’t be discouraged by the amount of reading required! If reading, analyzing, and discussing is something you love to do, don’t miss out on these classes!

If your passion lies more on the writing side of English class spectrum then I advise you check out ENGL205 – Creative Writing. This will be the time to let your imagination take the reigns and express yourself in different scenarios and prompts.

Not interested in an additional English class? Was ENGL 106 enough for you? Don’t worry, I have one last suggestion. If you love thunderstorms, tornados, and crazy weather in general EAS 138 just might be the class for you! It’s almost a guarantee this will be one of the more interesting science classes you take on campus.

Also, don’t forget to check out my other blog posts! I have discussed many fun, interesting courses that cover a wide array of topics in the past. So if you’re stumped on how to fill your schedule, be sure to take a look.

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Great Places to Hang Out on Campus: Greyhouse Coffee

If you’re tired of hanging out in your dorm, apartment, or house, I’m here to tell you about some awesome places around campus that are great to give you something new! Today the focus is on the amazing coffee shop conveniently located on the corner of Northwestern and State, called Greyhouse.


Beyond having the best tasting coffee around, they have a variety of other options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Even better, the warm and welcoming environment makes Greyhouse a fantastic place to hang out whether you’re alone or with a group of friends. They always welcome their customers with a happy smile and kind greeting, and I think it is easy to feel at home the second you step inside! I’ll break down some of the details of the shop, which I know will be enough to convince you to check it out for yourself!

I can almost guarantee the first thing you’ll notice at Greyhouse is how uniquely and beautifully decorated it is! Like I said before, this helps create a super welcoming environment – I usually don’t want to leave once I get there. Once you place your order at the always-friendly counter, you go back to see a large room full of tables, chairs, and super comfortable lounge chairs. The only negative is it is usually quite difficult to find a seat, because it always seems to be packed. This is obviously a good problem to have, and I’ve never had a problem eventually getting a seat after waiting for only a few minutes.

2014-03-05 15.08.44

My favorite aspect of Greyhouse, of course, is their wonderful menu. I mean it when I say Greyhouse will immediately beat out any of your favorite chain coffee shops and cafes. There’s plenty to choose from, including coffee drinks like mochas and a uniquely delicious drink called Dr. Strangelove. If coffee isn’t for you, there’s a great variety of tea lattes, including the London Fog and the Chamomile Honey Latte. The crepes are all scrumptious, and you can never go wrong with any of the choices of gelato. To see the full menu, visit their official site,, and click on the “Menu” tab!

Some other fun facts about Greyhouse that make it even more enticing is that they operate as a not-for-profit organization who want to make West Lafayette an all-around better community! There’s free high-speed Internet available inside, so you can always have access on your laptop if you’d like to stick around after your snack and study in a peaceful setting. You can check out more of these attractive details at . As if all of this wasn’t enough, they provide live music and other entertainment almost every Friday night!

So what are you waiting for? Go try something new and stop in at Greyhouse. While you’re there, try my favorite drink for me, a Crème Brulee! I hope it becomes your new favorite place to hang out and you have a blast Boilers! ☺ -Kaleigh

Purdue’s New Welcome Center!

Purdue has opened a new welcome center! It is located in Purdue Memorial Union, Room 110. The new center is quite an upgrade from the old one that was located in the Northwestern Parking Garage building. The new location is a prime spot for visitors, as the Union is really the heart of campus.

Whether you’re a new student, old student, or just visiting Purdue’s beautiful campus, I recommend checking out our new Welcome Center. There is a conference area, lounge with a fireplace, and really cool interactive digital displays that showcase students, campus initiatives, and future plans for our university.


(Purdue University photo/Mark Simons)

Stop by PMU 110 and check out this state of the art facility, you might just find out something about Purdue that you didn’t know!

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Purdue’s Featured Organization of the Month- Adopt-a-Grandparent

Happy March Everyone!

I hope all of you are surviving the middle of the semester with midterms, projects, and the crazy weather that Mother Nature has been dishing out! Just think spring break is just around the corner! With a new month, comes a new-featured Purdue organization of the month! This month’s featured organization is Adopt-a-Grandparent!

The purpose of the Adopt-a-Grandparent organization at Purdue is to  “encourage the development of meaningful relationships between the students of Purdue University and the residents of retirement communities in the West Lafayette and/or Lafayette community.”, as said on the organization’s website (Heinz, Catherine) . The organization nurtures these relationships by planning events like euchre night, knitting circles, and other fun socials throughout the year! Another great perk that this organization offers is the time commitment for students. Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month in Beering Hall, room 1268 at 6 pm. Other than attending the monthly meetings and visiting with your “adopted grandparent”, the time commitment is minimal.

One of the really cool things that I LOVE about this organization is that you can learn so much from your adopted grandparent! The elderly have plenty of life experience, wisdom, and hilarious stories to share. By joining the Adopt-a-Grandparent organization at Purdue, you will be able to learn new skills, make new friends, and encounter new life experiences that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. College is only four years… so make the most of it and experience as many things as you possibly can!

If you have any questions about Purdue’s Adopt-a-Grandparent, I’ve included a few resources that are helpful in learning about the organization. Check it out, get involved, and make a difference in someone’s life!




Until next time… Boiler Up!


Exploratory Studies, Class of 2017




Heinz, Catherine. “Purdue-University BoilerLink.” Adopt-A-Grandparent. Purdue BoilerLink, n.d. Web. 2 Mar. 2014. <>.


Purdue’s Featured Organization of the Month- Purdue Alumni Student Experience

Happy end of February Everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying this short month despite the crazy, artic, snowstorms that West Lafayette has been bombarded with!

Love is in the air all around campus… especially our student’s love for PASE, an organization also known as the Purdue Alumni Student Experience. This organization is all about connecting students with the ever-incredible Purdue alumni, as well as promoting Purdue’s many traditions.

Each year, PASE holds multiple events for its members! Some events include The Nearly Naked Mile, Fun Football Fridays (where members can win free stuff!), and The Alumni Networking Dinner that is held in the fall. A list of upcoming events is listed below:

  • Thursday, March 27, 2014-PASE Nearly Naked Mile: a community service running event benefiting the Lafayette Transitional Housing organization.
  • Wednesday, April 16, 2014-PASE Senior Send Off

PASE has over 4,000 members on campus, making it one of the largest organizations at Purdue. Its headquarters are located at the Dick and Sandy Dauch Alumni Center over by Krannert and Young Hall. Besides fun events, PASE members can get discounts at Follett’s Bookstore, University Bookstore, and TONS of restaurants in the Chauncey area! If you’re not a member, considering joining! You never know what kind of connections you can make…plus who doesn’t love a good discount on textbooks?!

If you want more information about PASE, please visit any of their social media outlets!

  • Official Website:
  • Facebook: Purdue Alumni Student Experience
  • Twitter: @PASEPurdue
  • Instagram: pasepurdue

Wishing you a fabulous February filled with lots of love and tons of great memories!

Until next time… Boiler Up!


Exploratory Studies,  Class of 2017

Getting Through the Daily Grind

If you’re like most college students, caffeine is one of your closest friends. If you’re not dependent on it yet, you may want to prepare yourself for the inevitable. Lucky for you, Purdue has an abundance of coffee shops to get you through those stressful exam weeks, lengthy group meetings, and inescapable all-nighters.

Many of our academic buildings have little coffee places, but I’ll cover a few of the best places that you can go to catch up with a friend, have a quiet meeting, or peacefully study before class.

Purdue Memorial Union

The Union offers three great spots for coffee! Starbucks is the go-to for many students, but the lines there can get really long, especially between classes in the afternoon. If you’re going to the Starbucks in the union, make sure you’ve got some time to kill! If you’re in a hurry and want an espresso beverage like Starbucks has, check out the Oasis down the hall from Starbucks. The Oasis is a nice place for coffee and lunch, and makes a fantastic white-mocha. Last for the union, if you’re trying to just get your fix of a regular brewed coffee, Urban Market has a good selection of coffee to choose from too!

Chauncey Village Area

If you’re looking for something a little more peaceful and away from the hustle and bustle of campus, there are two coffee shops in the Chauncey Village area that are great for studying and relaxing! The first is Vienna Coffee, which is just east of the corner of State St. and Northwestern Ave. Vienna has a broad selection of drinks and baked goods to choose from, as well as an abundance of comfy furniture for lounging. Right on the corner of State and Northwestern and pretty close to Vienna is Greyhouse Coffee Co. Greyhouse makes a delicious crème brulee latte, and sells coffee beans and teas to take home too! Like Vienna, they have a good selection of foods, but also offer gelato and hot crepes. Greyhouse fills up quick at in the evening, so get there early to claim a good study spot.

I hope these great places on campus offer you some relaxation and fuel for your exam weeks ahead! You can check out Purdue’s Dining Services for a full list of places to get coffee on campus!

Best Wishes,