Supply Shopping List

It’s hard to believe school is just around the corner! We sometimes get students that ask us what school supplies they should bring to Purdue—and sometimes we find that people didn’t bring some of the items we consider essential.  So, as the school year approaches and you’re going shopping keep this list in mind! Here’s your unofficial Purdue School Supply Shopping List:

3 hole punch
large envelopes for keeping nice papers neat
binder clips
binders or notebooks
both mechanical and #2 pencils
note cards
paper clips
pens–different colors too
planner** Purdue Promise students will receive a free MortarBoard, others can buy one at Walmart or the Purdue bookstores
rubber bands
white out

Is there anything else that you think should be added to the list? What do you think is essential? Feel free to comment below!


One thought on “Supply Shopping List

  1. Don’t for USB drives and a good pair of headphones!

    Tip: Try to think of how you like to organize your schedule to determine if you’re more a binder/notebook/folder person.

    Embrace this time in your life to have rainbow notes and buy colored pens (you know, if that’s your thing!)

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