Summer Courses!

Here are some summer courses about which we’ve received information recently.  Summer 2014 course listings are available for viewing on MyPurdue.  Courses are offered during the summer in 4-week, 6-week, 8-week, and 12-week formats, so it’s important to note the dates of the course in one of the far right-hand columns. 

Collaborative Leadership Certificate courses:

The Certificate is made up of three courses: EDPS 31500 (Collaborative Leadership: Listening), EDPS 31600 (Collaborative Leadership: Cross-Cultural Settings), and EDPS 31700 (Collaborative Leadership: Mentoring) through the College of Education.  These courses are open to all students, regardless of major and year.  EDPS 317 will be offered in the summer, while EDPS 315 and 316 were offered this Spring (and may have a Fall offering??).  EDPS 31500 and EDPS 31600 both fulfill University Core Curriculum options – the Oral Communication and Human Cultures: Behavioral/Social Sciences requirements, respectively.

EAPS 12000: Introduction to Geography

EAPS 12000 is an introductory course for non majors that is approved for the University Core Curriculum under Science, Technology and Society (STS).  Professor Jon Harbor is developing a totally new interactive online version of this course that will be available as an 8-week Summer 2014 session. There will also be a new online second 8-week (half-semester) format offered in Fall 2014.

Modern geography is an exciting, relevant and broad discipline linking Physical and Environmental Sciences with Political Science, Economics, History and Sociology. Modern geography helps students understand the world around them. Students will use online resources such as Google Earth to develop skills and understanding in physical and human geography.  Students will customize their own experience for part of the course, based on their choice of a theme of particular interest they want to explore, and students will work in online teams for two real-world case studies.

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Harbor.

Organizational Leadership and Supervision  (OLS) courses for the minor:

All four OLS minor courses (OLS 252, 274, 284, 386) will be offered in every summer module, all four week classes.  In addition, all four classes will be offered at least twice online this summer.  This will be a great way for students to work on or complete their Organizational Leadership and Supervision minor, here on campus or off campus.  One reason for this increase in course offerings is that in the fall semester our classes will be a bit more restricted to our students  and there will be a reduced amount of sections.  We are trying to maintain demand with a decrease in instructors.

Also, for the fall semester OLS 38600 and OLS 38800 will be restricted to TLI students until August.  After that point, they will be able to open it up to students wanting to pursue the OLS minor.


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