Spring 2014 Registration Information

It’s that time again.  You know what I mean – it’s Spring Registration time! J 

Remember: Students who have not completed their appointments for September Check-in (for first-semester 2013 freshman and beginning transfers) or the Laying Tracks(for students on academic probation) must do so before a registration appointment will be granted.  Please make an appointment by calling (765) 494-0843.

Everyone else:  Look for an e-mail from your advisor concerning the timing of Spring 2014 registration.  When your advisor says “Go!” call (765) 494-0843  or use the online appointment calendar: https://appointments.pnhs.purdue.edu/ to make your registration appointment!   The appointment should last about 30 minutes.  

Here are some answers to questions concerning Spring Registration:  

  • Which classification am I?  View the bottom of this page: http://www.purdue.edu/registrar/currentStudents/index.html.   Classification is based on how many hours you’ve earned (passed), either through grade (D- or higher), advanced credit of some variety, or transfer credit.   Courses you are currently taking or have dropped do not count into this classification calculation. 
  • When does my classification register?  How long do I get to register?  General registration date ranges for all classfications are available at http://www.purdue.edu/registrar/Students/Registration_Info_FAQs.html.  Every classification (priority, seniors, juniors, sophomore, and then freshman) will be given 4.5 – 5.5 days to register. 
  • When exactly do I register?  Depending on your earned hours, you could be beginning your registration several hours earlier or later than your friends.  Your individual Time Ticket – the exact date and time your registration period opens and closes –  is available on MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Registration Status

 The Spring Schedule of Classes is now ready to view on myPurdue > Academic Tab > Look Up Classes > Spring 2014.   The new Scheduling Assistant Tool can be used at this point to plan out possible schedules.  However, the process of actually registering the courses themselves has not changed.  You’ll do this through either MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Add or Drop Classes (adding CRNs suggested by Scheduling Assistant) or MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Look Up Classes

As you have questions, contact your Exploratory Studies Advisor!

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