Planning your degree with MyPurdue Plan

Perhaps you’ve heard of MyPurdue Plan lately, either from a Registrar mass e-mail or from your advisor.  It is a new system that Purdue will be requiring students to use to plan out and track their coursework through to graduation.  One of benefits of students’ participation in MyPurdue Plan will be the ability to better anticipate space needs in key courses (like math, science, communications, and English).  Students in Exploratory Studies will find MyPurdue Plan useful because they can “try on” majors by viewing which courses they’ve taken fit best into which major.

We are asking all Exploratory Studies students to create at least a THREE semester plan within MyPurdue Plan before Fall/Summer Registration (i.e. early March 2014).  If you are not sure which major you want yet (or you haven’t yet been CODO’d into your favorite major), that’s OK.  Plan for courses you think you’d like to take.  You are not committed to any courses or majors you add to the MyPurdue Plan system; it’s a plan, not a contract!

So, are you ready to create your very own MyPurdue Plan?  To do this, you will need:

Depending on which type of browser you use (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), the buttons may be in different places on the screen.  Once you complete your three semester planning, create a “What If?” report (see pg. 8 in the attachment) to view your overall plan against your majors’ plans.

If you have questions, please contact your academic advisor!

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