Multinational Integration Xchange

MIX or the Multinational Integration Xchange is an initiative designed to provide every new international student with the opportunity to have a meaningful, intentional, and purposeful interaction with a returning domestic student.

More than a program, MIX has a vision for improving the climate of our campus.  MIX wants to help make Purdue feel like a home where all students see themselves as part of the Boilermaker family.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS:  Are you interested in being paired with a domestic student who can help you get used to campus?  Do you have questions or concerns about studying at a US university?  Do you want to meet and get to know a domestic student right away?  If so, this is a great program for you.  Here is a link to the application:

  1. FYI:  It asks for a phone number and an address.  If you do not have a local phone number yet, just enter 00000000000.
  2. If you don’t know your address yet, you can enter 610 Purdue Mall, West Lafayette, IN, 47907 for now.

DOMESTIC STUDENTS:  Are you excited to meet people from around the world?  Are you interested in learning about other cultures?  Do you want to develop a more global perspective for campus life and beyond?  If so, MIX is a great opportunity!

  1. If you are interested in attaining a cross-cultural certification, please send an e-mail to  You can achieve the certification independently on-line or by attending one of our highly interactive culture certification sessions with a cross-cultural partner.
  2. Returning student this fall, you can apply to be a MIX partner. This is a GREAT opportunity!

Getting Involved at Purdue (Fall 2015)

Getting involved at Purdue is both easy and difficult. It’s easy because there are 900+ clubs and organizations, not to mention outlets for those interested in music, religion, community service, Greek life, and more.  It’s difficult because the sheer amount of choice can be overwhelming!  We encourage you to attend a few call-outs (open meetings for new members), even if it’s your first semester.  It’s a great way to meet a variety of people, build new skills, and explore budding interests.

Call-outs typically happen the first few weeks of each semester, but Fall semester is definitely the key time!  Here are some great resources to investigate your options:

BoilerLink: Your home for Purdue clubs and organizations. Shortcuts to different categories of organizations, like religious, cultural, club sports, and hobbies can be found on the B-Involved page.

Greek and Co-op Life: Great ways to meet people and make a difference in your school and community.

Civic Engagement and Leadership Development: Is it time for you to realize your leadership potential?  Find out by investigating the many leadership and community volunteer opportunities at Purdue!

Heart & Soul, Purdue Bells, and All Campus and Community Chorale (AC3): Love music, but don’t want the full-on Glee Club or Purduettes commitment?  Consider one of these groups!

ROTC:  For those looking to serve their country through the armed forces!

Purdue Convocations:  Are you interested in bringing hot new shows to Purdue?  Or maybe you just want to usher for a few hours and get to see a show for free in the process?

Community Standards Board: Students who love law and want to participate in helping students find their best path might like this opportunity to serve!


Student Employment Options (Fall 2015)

There are many places on campus (and slightly off campus) where you can earn some extra cash during the semester.  Note: Some locations will employ only students who are Federal Work-Study, so check your financial aid status before you interview.

Student Employment I: The Division of Financial Aid has created an excellent website to help you not only find a job on-campus or close by, but to prepare for the interviews, as well.  This page has separate listings for Work-Study candidates to ease the search!

Student Employment II: Purdue has brought together many of the on-campus job opportunities onto one searchable page.

Recreational Sports Center: Are you an active person interested in fitness and health?  These might the jobs for you!

Information Technology at Purdue: Lots of different types of jobs for those with interests in computers, technology, and problem-solving.

Housing & Food Services: Flexible, student-friendly schedules and great experience-building.


Coaching Opportunity (August 2015)

Malone’s Gymnastics Center, located at 3242 West 250 North in West Lafayette, is hiring energetic individuals interested in working with boys and girls ages 18 months and older. Coaching opportunities are available with beginning level gymnasts through team. We are also hiring dance, cheer, and tumbling instructors. Hours range from 2 to 12 hours per week. Some daytime hours available but the majority of hours are from 5-7:30 pm Mondays – Thursdays.  Weekend birthday parties may be available on week by week basis ~ No weekends required. Gym closures coincide with Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break.

A background in gymnastics is preferred.  A love for children, patience, and an ability to teach are required. Paid training. If you are interested, please contact Sara at

I-65 Closure and Effect on Purdue Travel (Aug. 2015)

From the University Registrar’s Office: 

To all Purdue students and families,

Interstate 65 North in Tippecanoe County south of Purdue University is currently closed with no estimated re-opening date. This closure will affect your arrival on campus for the fall semester and we urge you to plan ahead, expect significant traffic delays, and be patient as state, area, local and Purdue law enforcement work to assist traffic in every way possible.

Currently, I-65 Northbound is closed at Lebanon, Indiana, where traffic is being routed northwest on US 52, to Indiana State Road 28 West and then to US 231 North, which brings traffic to the south and west side of Purdue’s campus. Signage will direct those arriving on campus as to the best ways to get to your residence hall or preferred location.

We encourage you to monitor the most updated information on detours and traffic from the Indiana Department of Transportation:

* On the Web, visit or

* Follow INDOT on Twitter at or

* Follow INDOT on Facebook at or

* Dial 511 from your mobile phone or 800-261-ROAD (7623)

* Watch for dynamic message boards on interstates leading to I-65 northbound.

Textbook Buying Strategies

From Colleen Brown & Jennifer McDonald, Senior Academic Advisors, Exploratory Studies: 

It’s textbook buying season and students have a lot of questions.  When should you buy them?  How do you know what to buy?  Can they be returned if I change my mind?

Here is some information for you to consider about textbook purchases:

  • Always check the return policy at bookstores and/or Amazon before you buy a textbook.  Most have a very small window of time to return and most will not accepted any texts that have had the shrink-wrap plastic removed.  Knowing the return policy will save you money in case the professor changes his or her mind, you hate the class, or you bought the wrong edition of the book.
  • Some courses don’t require a text at all and some require other kind of materials – like a course pack (EDPS 10500 requires one).  We will be sending out emails about where and when to buy the EDPS 105 course pack in the coming week.
  • Some courses like ENGL 10600 will not require that you purchase your texts until the first week of classes.  Check the syllabus on the first day.
  • There are a lot of choices available to textbook buyers besides the standard “do I buy new or used?” question.
    • Consider renting your textbook, buying an e-version for your device or laptop, sharing with a trusted classmate or roommate (if you are in the same section), or seeing if the Purdue Libraries carry the text (use the advanced search and type in the title or author’s name).
    • If buying used, try to get your hands on the book as soon as possible to check for damage (like ripped out pages or marker covering key text).

When to buy your books:

  • It comes down to preference, but keep in mind a few things:
    • Some classes will not expect you to have purchased the books before the first day of class – though almost all classes will have assignments due on the second day of class!
    • Some courses like ENGL 10600 even ask you NOT to purchase their textbook until after your first class meeting.  Your instructor will keep you informed.
    • The downside to waiting to buy your books until after the first day of class is that the bookstores may run out of books (it happens).  If they do, you would have to wait, and borrow the book from classmates in order to not miss assignments.
    • The upshot?  If you are ancy, buy your books ahead of time, but know the return policy and don’t open any shrink-wrapped books or materials until after the first day of class.  If you are chill, wait until after the first day of class to buy books, but make sure you know which friends are in which classes so you can borrow texts, just in case.

How to find your textbooks and purchase them: 

  • MyTextbooks: Go to MyPurdue > Academic tab > My Textbooks link.  This is connected to Amazon’s Purdue Student Store.
  • Websites like the University Bookstore or Follett’s are also accurate places to check textbook requirements and good places to purchase or rent them.
    • You can also research these sites and then purchase them through the Purdue’s Student Store in Amazon or use something like to research booksellers to find the best price.
    • Buying your textbooks directly from the store (University Bookstore or Follett’s) with friends is a fun way to bond. Plus, you can check the condition of used books before you buy and get information about return policies, e-book, and rental options directly from the bookstore!
  • Manually searching MyPurdue’s Schedule of Classes:
    • Get out your Week at a Glance Fall 2015 schedule for reference
    • Go to the Schedule of Classes > Fall 2015 > Click on the Subject > Type in the Course Number > Choose your start and end time (a.m. or p.m.) > Choose your Days of the Week.
    • Make sure you are looking at the lecture or main section of the course.
    • Click on ‘Course Materials’ link to view required texts and materials.
  • DO pay attention to which edition of a book your instructor wants you to order. For example, a 2nd edition and 3rd edition will likely have different chapters, page numbers, and information.