“In the English Landscape” Maymester (May 16 – June 9)

“In the English Landscape: History, Horticulture, and Landscape Architecture,” HORT/HIST/LA 45000, is a joint study abroad opportunity hosted by the Departments of History and Horticulture & Landscape Architecture.  It consists of a three-week exploration of the landscape arts within the historical context of religion, economics, and culture of England.  The itenerary will take students to beautiful castles and manors located in London, the West Country, and the Midlands.

This program is an excellent way for younger or less well-traveled students to “get their feet wet” in study abroad.  It is 100% Purdue run, earns you 3 credits, and provides solid structure along with enough free time for exploration.  And do not let the 45000 number concern you – there are no prerequisites!   It is truly accessible to all students regardless of discipline.  In fact, it is mostly a history course masquerading as a landscape architecture or horticulture course, but it takes a more culture-based approach to our shared history.

Anyone is welcome to contact Dr. Michael Dana at dana@purdue.edu or at (765) 494-5923 to learn more about HORT 45000.

Bender Career Fair (Nov. 10)

From Allie Bowes, CCO Career Consultant:

Are you a person with a disability looking for a career opportunity or internship? Connect with employers looking to hire people with disabilities through the Bender Virtual Career Fair on November 10th. This fair is FREE for students and alumni with disabilities to attend. Participants are invited to interact with employers via chat sessions. Check out the benefits of attending the virtual fair:

Access opportunities within a wide range of careers.

  • Chat with employers across the nation
  • Public and private sector opportunities

Participate from the comfort of your home, your dorm room or your favorite coffee shop!

  • Discuss careers and internships with multiple employers
  • End-to-end accessible technology platform

Save time and money.

  • No business suit or travel required
  • No printed out resumes necessary

This is a great opportunity for College students & College grads with disabilities to meet online with 40+ employers across the nation including ANSYS, Cox Enterprises, Epic, FAA, Medtronic, NIH, NSA, Procter & Gamble, Southwest Airlines, Verizon, UPS, & More!

Interested?  Register online through CareerEco here.

Global Maker Job Fair (Nov. 17 – 18)

Networking Reception & Keynote Speaker: 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Dauch Alumni Center
Global Maker Fair: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Stewart Center 214 & 218

This job fair is a wonderful opportunity for students to connect with employers for internships and post-grad employment.  It’s a chance to leverage your language and technical skills!  Students are encouraged to RSVP through their MyCCO account by clicking on “Global Maker Fair.”

Sponsored by PUCCSA, Purdue CCO, the America China Society of Indiana, and the Purdue Alumni Association.

Snapshots: Pursuit of Purdue. Meet Sydney!

Each month, we’ll take a look at some students who started their journey in Exploratory Studies. All of these students have found their perfect major at Purdue. Be sure to check out our blog each week for a new post that will feature a different student and their new major at Purdue.

Let’s meet Sydney.

Name: Sydney Fara

Current year: Junior

Major: Public Relations and Strategic Communication (focus in Advertising) with a minor in Psychology.

Sydney Fara is a Junior in PR and Strategic Communication (focus in Advertising) and minoring in Psychology. She started as an explorer in her freshman year in 2013, because she was not sure which major offered by Purdue would be the best fit for her.

She spent one year in Exploratory Studies during which she tried different classes related to majors that she was considering. She took Biology classes and classes for Brain and Behavioral Sciences. However, after taking those classes she realized that specializing in Science (which was something she was interested in high-school) was not what she wanted to do. She then looked at her other interests such as graphic design, communication and working with people. PR and Strategic communication seemed like the perfect fit for her. Sydney CODOed into PR after taking the suggestion from her advisor and hasn’t looked back since.

From Sydney’s experience, the PR and Strategic Communication major is suitable for people who want to work with people. Public speaking is also an important part of this major but anyone who is not comfortable with it, Sydney has some advise for you. She says “ I was scared of public speaking but trust me, if I can get over it, so can you! And as always, you wouldn’t be a Purdue student if you weren’t already hardworking!” In addition to those skills, it is very helpful to know Photoshop, Excel and WordPress very well. The classes that she takes do not teach specifically about these programs so Sydney recommends that you take a course on learning about them or practice in your own time.

Her favorite thing about Exploratory Studies was her advisor who knew “everything about every major” offered here at Purdue. As a result, her advisor was able to answer any questions that she might have had. Sydney says “Exploratory Studies allows you to get a jump start into your education without wasting time or money while you decide your future major.”

Finally, her favorite thing about Purdue is the culture, traditions and the memories that she has made here.

A fun fact about her is that she was a BGR Team Leader this Fall!

Written by Nisa R., sophomore