Our Amazing Ambassador Anne

This month’s Ambassador of the Month goes to Anne!


Name : Anne Miltenberger
Year : Senior
Major : Early Childhood Education & Exceptional Needs
Why did you pick Exploratory Studies? : I was a clueless high school senior! My interest were all over the place and I just didn’t think I could deiced on my the rest of my life as an high school student. Picking Exploratory Studies has been the best decision I’ve made at Purdue!
Favorite Food : Apples!
Favorite Place on Campus: I love the John Purdue Fountain. It’s like a little oasis in the rush of the Memorial Mall. It’s a quiet place amid the busy campus.
Favorite Sport : Swimming. I’ve been a swimmer since I was 7 years old.
Fun Facts Time! :  My family is awesome and huge. I have almost 30 cousins!

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