News for budding Biologists and Chemists

Snagged from the ever-wonderful Biology Counseling Newsletter (Feb. 20, 2014):

The Purdue Science Student Council and Terry Ham are hosting the next Coffee and Conversation on Tuesday, March 4 at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. for students interested in BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY RESEARCH CAREERS!  Purdue biology and chemistry alumni who are involved in research will share their experiences, tell about their profession, and answer questions about how to become a competitive candidate in today’s job market. Most of all, those participating  will be able to establish connections with professionals in an informal setting.

Student spots are limited!  Register for this event by filling out the survey.  IMPT: Once you R.S.V.P., you will receive the location as well as information about how the event will be conducted. 

New Biochemistry Minor:

There’s a new minor on the block, Biochemistry.  Here is the link to the requirements:



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