More Summer Course Options

Here are more Summer Course options to consider.  Some also have Fall information included:

ANTH 230: Gender Across Cultures

Monday – Friday, 9:50 – 10:50 a.m. (June 16 – August 5)

EAPS 12000:  Introduction to Geography

3 minute promotional video for the course at

New Online 7 Week Format starting Summer 2014 (June 16 – August 1)
New Online 7 Week Format during the Fall 2014 (last 7 weeks of semester)

EAPS 12000 is an introductory course for non majors that is approved for the core curriculum under Science, Technology and Society (STS).  Professor Jon Harbor is developing a totally new interactive online version of this course that will be available starting with the summer semester of 2014.  Modern geography is an exciting, relevant and broad discipline linking Physical and Environmental Sciences with Political Science, Economics, History and Sociology.  Modern geography helps students understand the world around them.

Murphy Award winner Jon Harbor is working with Instructional Designers in PEC to develop a completely revised version of EAPS 12000, Introduction to Geography, that is student-centered, relevant, and highly interactive.  Students will use online resources such as Google Earth to explore their world and develop skills and understanding in physical and human geography.  Students will customize their own experience for part of the course, based on their choice of a theme of particular interest they want to explore, and students will work in online teams for two real-world case studies.

German Language and Culture Courses

The following German courses in the upcoming summer:

  • GER 101         Distance      Learning
  • GER 101         MTWRF      11:00am-12:00pm + TF 01:00-01:50pm
  • GER 102         MTWRF      11:00am-12:00pm + TF 01:00-01:50pm
  • GER 201         MTWRF      02:10-03:10pm
  • GER 202         MTWRF      02:10-03:10pm

The courses will take place from June 16th to August 5th. Earn 3 German credits in 8 instead of 16 weeks!  Don’t miss out on smaller class sizes and the better learning environment that comes with this fun summer atmosphere!

We will also be offering two courses on German Culture, taught in English this summer.  Both of them are online courses taught by Purdue German professors:

  • GER 230: “Myth and Legend:  Elves to Elvis”; Distance Learning, July 8-July 30, 2014 (in English) and
  • GER 280: “Beer and Brewing in German Culture”; Distance Learning, June 2-June 27, 2014 (in English)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Prof. John Sundquist at:


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