International Students: ENGL 106-I still has space

If you are international student and have not yet taken ENGL 10600, now’s the time.  There are still spaces available in ENGL 10600-I (for international students), but these spaces won’t be there for long.  To find international spaces, go to MyPurdue > Academic Tab > Look Up Classes.  Then select ENGL 10600.  Scroll down to near the bottom of the page and look in the right-most column.  If it is says “For international students only,” you’ve found the right sections!  Also, international sections will have an “I” in their section number (the column to the right of the course number).  For example “ENGL 10600 I87 . . . “. :)  

Remember that ENGL 10600-I courses have three parts that you’ll add: lecture, recitation, and a “pso” (practice, study, observation section).  Chose the lecture section you like best, then click on the little red flag icon.  From there, choose a combination you like and write down the three CRN numbers (the five-digit numbers in the left-most column).  Then go to Add or Drop Classes and type in these three numbers.  Select “Submit” and you’ve added ENGL 10600-I !

If you have questions, please contact your academic advisor!

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