Important Message Concerning “Boiler Strong” Apparel

An official statement from the Purdue Marketing and Media:

An outpouring of support following Tuesday’s tragic campus event has resulted in many in the Boilermaker community asking how they can best express it. Among the many suggestions received have been apparel and other wearable items.

Out of respect for the families we ask that groups not pursue the purchase or promotion of these types of items at this time.

There may be an opportunity at some later time to support an official item and/or memorial fund that will support those who were affected by this tragedy. For now, what Boilermakers need most is a shoulder or a helping hand.

There also have been a number of unauthorized  products presented in the marketplace under the “Boiler Strong” message. Please avoid purchase of such items. The University will seek to present a means for expression when appropriate and once the wishes of the families affected have been consulted. 


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